The Campaign



1. You might be missing the opportunities to be in the right place at the right time with your message.

2. Is your message speaking to your audience enough to make them act?

3. Your message used to bring in leads but it is no longer producing results.

As an insider to your product/service, you may lack the objectivity necessary to really see what will cause a 'spark' with your audience. You may be stagnant when it comes to considering new digital opportunities. In addition, you are so busy maintaining the 'status quo' that you and your staff cannot seem to find the time to:


  • Maintain an effective media relations effort that drives traffic to your website
  • Create and manage a solid social media campaign
  • Publish a newsletter to generate leads, keep your contacts informed and engage your readers
  • Craft a strategic communications plan or business plan as a guideline for growth



As owner, you do not have the time or the bandwidth, while running and maintaining operations, to even think about all the opportunities that can make a difference for your company. To  build relationships or create communities of support  that procure growth, you need more than direct mailers and ads.



 Got Marketing?



How much do you  spend on marketing  just to keep the same flow of income? Is it time for a change? Is it time to step back and think about carving a niche into the market with your brand? 

Welcome to the The Campaign! 

Your public relations campaign, that is... 


Tell your story like it has never been told before. Find your "fans" .through a strategy that integrates opportunities with the right messages. Using a strategic approach can impact your business more significantly than advertising. It's all about "pinging" consistently, in different ways, on multiple platforms, and watching the audience expand.  


Position your 'brand' to align with trends, people and other organizations that make sense with your mission takes strategy.   InTouch Public Relations can help!

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